Celebrating Mother's Day & Overcoming Doubts

Crossing the finish line today meant so much more to me than anything I could imagine. For 12 years I've been a mother and that road has been filled with people telling me that this was something I could not do. I was told that I'd never walk normally again... I was told that running was not an option... I was told that I was lucky enough to walk but being an athlete would never happen. But today, after months of prepping, I pinned a bib to my shirt, stepped up to that start line, went all in, and made it across the finish line 3.106 miles later.

For the past few months, my mind has gone over and over about overcoming other people's opinions and doubts of what I can do. People asking if all of the hard work was REALLY worth it. Leaving my bed and my home before the sun comes up, while my family is still sleeping comfy cozy in their beds. Sitting with ice packs on my shins and putting muscle cream on my back.

But this was important to me, it was about proving to myself that if I put my mind to something, went all in, and put in the hard work that I could do it. That's what it is all about folks, caring about something so much that the early mornings, the sore muscles, and the nay-sayers don't get to bring you down!

So what is your goal? What is the thing that you want? Do you want it so badly that you are setting up mile markers to ensure you stay on your path? Are you blocking out the negative talk from others as well as yourself? Or are you letting the hard stuff get in?

I'm not saying that it's easy, believe there were days I wondered why I was still married to this idea and why it had to be "this year", after 12 years, of promising myself. But this year I decided I wanted MORE for myself. I decided that I was done breaking promises that I make to myself.

This year I stopped breaking promises to myself. I could not be more proud of the growth I have had in the past 4 months. I am the healthiest that I've ever been, the dreams for my business are becoming a reality, and my family has never been so happy. All it took was keeping a promise.

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